Traveling in Metz, France.

Metz, France was a city I had planned on driving through without a second glance. We booked an Airbnb in Metz thinking we would just pass through and stay the night to break up our drive from Paris to Germany. Oh Boy, were we wrong.

Metz, France ended up being one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to. I hope I can live there one day. The atmosphere, the locals, and the environment of this city was incredible. It was so laid back, not crowded or touristy, and lots to do. We arrived in Metz and met the best Airbnb host we’d ever had (Shout out Eugenio!) He showed us around the streets and we walked for hours. With no agenda or background on the city, we were happy to see whatever beautiful things we ran into. Metz was filled with both beautiful old architect and new shops- historic and modern. There were several large and gothic cathedrals that filled the city center and caught your attention immediately. We walked for hours until it was past dinner and we wandered into a local bar and got tipsy with a decent sized crowd. The bartender’s told us all about the amazing and quaint city of Metz that was, “the best in the world,” they said they’d never leave. After a friendly conversation with some locals at the lively bar scene, we noticed the city had lit up for the night and had a completely different look to it.

The next day we only had a few hours before we had to leave our new favorite city. We woke up earlier than most days to walk back to the center of town through the twists and turns of cobblestone streets. We found an amazing breakfast spot with the best quiche I’d ever had. Sitting in the morning before most of the locals woke up and enjoying our coffee in the center of Metz was one of the most peaceful and enjoying moments I recall from my time in Europe. After breakfast, we stopped for a second breakfast of pastries (a must) at one of the delightful bake shops on our way to explore. After sightseeing through the city, we wandered to an empty park by the Metz legislative office that was filled with gardens, art, and statues. The city seemed to expand through the aged walkways and alleys that were decorated with modern art. Metz was a perfect mix between old and new; both in architecture and the art scene.

If you ever go to Metz, France my best advice is to stay longer than you’d expect to. You will find hidden gems everywhere within this city. Although it is not as famous or well-known as many other European cities, you will discover a cool atmosphere, beautiful gothic views, and great locals.

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  1. Aunt Carmen & Uncle Michael July 18, 2018 — 5:00 pm

    Super sweet.


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