Two Days in Las Vegas

    After spending two days in Las Vegas I discovered there are many ways “to do” Vegas. Known as “Sin City,” Vegas seemed like a lawless place where it was acceptable for people to be drunk all day, spend all their money on frivolous things, and walk around half naked if they pleased. The McCarran airport is only minutes off the strip, so when you arrive it is extremely easy to hail a taxi or request an Uber to the strip. After taking both a taxi and an Uber- I suggest Uber as they were much cheaper.

The first time I ever went to Vegas I was under 21 and stayed at the Paris with my parents, which was a great resort hotel with lots of shopping and cutesy dining options inside at an affordable price. The second time I went I stayed at the Excalibur Castle at the South end of the strip, which was an older, fun hotel filled with shows and food options. This last time I went, I stayed at the Linq hotel- a smaller resort located next to the infamous Cesar’s palace. Although the Linq was a smaller resort, it was in a great location and had an entertaining shopping promenade right outside of it. No matter where you stay in Vegas, I suggest staying on the strip, it is the central hub of entertainment and getting around by feet or car is made extremely accessible. There is so much to do in Vegas from bars, dining, pools, and shows it’s hard to pack everything into one short weekend. Our first day after we checked into our hotel, we ate at Margaritaville, got giant frozen daiquiris from Fat Tuesdays (a must), and walked the strip.

For the night scene, especially on the weekends, I suggest finding club promoters working on the strip. Every club we got into on this trip, we found promoters that put our name on the club’s guest list to ensure we would gain entry. At first, we thought this seemed a little sketchy since we had to approach random people on the street and exchange phone numbers. We soon found out that they can give you the best deals into clubs and often let you skip the long lines. You can always spot legitimate promoters repping their club’s name on their shirt and often times wearing a nametag that identify them with a specific club. For our big night out, we went to Drias rooftop club to see Meek Mill preform. In Vegas, performer’s do not usually come on until 2 or 3 a.m. After being stuck in the club for a few hours, we wanted to buy drinks; ONE SHOT of alcohol at the club was $15 (yikes). Luckily, we saved some money the next day at the Hard Rock Hotel pool party. Although the drinks were still expensive, we got to see Waka Flocka preform for no cover charge. Granted, we did accidently find ourselves in the VIP line for this show and luckily the bouncer let us in anyways even though we were certainly not VIP. (S/O random bouncer).

Long story short, pregame before the clubs so you don’t have to pay a cover charge AND buy overly priced drinks.

Food wise, you can’t go wrong in Vegas. We ate at all the famous spots including Guy Fieri’s restaurant, the Taco Bell Cantina, Margaritaville, and had some awesome picks for brunch. If you are an avid brunch goer (like myself) I suggest going to “Hash House A Go-Go” a brunch place within the Linq hotel. At an affordable price, they have world famous chicken and waffles, giant homemade biscuits, and BLT bloody marys. Another option for both brunch or dessert lovers is the Sugar Factory. They serve everything from rainbow mini burgers, to sugary alcoholic fish bowls, to French toast. Word to the wise- if you order a mimosa at the Sugar Factory, do yourself a favor and get bottomless for only $5 more.

The lessons I learned in Vegas were simple- only go if you’re willing to spend money, stay up late, and see all the craziness people have to offer. I definitely better understand the phrase, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

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