Ski Season in Colorado

The time has finally come to put away my hiking boots and trade them in for my skis. Ski season in Colorado usually begins in mid-November (depending on snowfall) to late March or April. I grew up in Colorado from the age of 7, so I’d like to consider myself a Colorado native. I began skiing in 8th grade- taking lessons at a smaller ski slope called A-Basin. Luckily, I grew up with some avid skiers in my family or else I’m afraid I would have never gained interest in the sport.

After taking lessons, I went skiing every few years, renting gear, and not taking the sport too seriously as I was not very dedicated. By my freshman year of college, I had accrued some hand-me-downs and some mismatched skiing equipment that finally made-up all of my own gear so I wouldn’t have to rent anymore, making skiing much more affordable and accessible. This is where my love for skiing grew.

I remember my freshman year of college, getting my first ever full season ski pass to a smaller mountain called Eldora Mountain Resort up by Nederland Colorado. From there, I have gotten a season pass every year since. Learning to ski was not very difficult for me and taking lessons was a big part of that. Many kids in Colorado especially, grow up skiing or taking lessons from the age of 5 or 6. Since I started at an older age, it was essential for me to learn the basics through an instructor and grow my own skills and techniques on my own after that.

Every year I have been skiing I’ve gotten stronger and more confident in my ability. This sport is one of patience and technique and it is not for everybody. Sometimes it can be really frustrating if you don’t know how to control yourself going down a mountain… and also very scary. Starting slow and really learning the basic techniques is always a good idea, you can always build up strength from there.

Some of my favorite mountains to ski on in Colorado are Eldora (because it is so close), Winter Park (if you go to Winter Park, you have to ski Mary Jane Mountain.. and have a beer at the top), and A-Basin. There are many many other resorts in Colorado that are mainly owned by a chain like Vail resorts, Breckenridge resorts, etc. Regardless of the company that owns the resort, skiing can definitely be considered an expensive sport. Between gear and purchasing season passes it can cause a major hole in your budget, but if you take advantage of certain deal dates and passes it can be made cheaper than expected. For example, buying a season pass during the summer can be cheaper than buying it right before the season begins in November. Always look on resort websites for deal days or package deals as well- so you can hit more than one slope in a season! That being said…I have a season pass to Eldora, A-Basin, and Keystone and I am always looking for people to ski with!

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2 thoughts on “Ski Season in Colorado

  1. Skiing with you is one of the best things about life!


    1. Jam some Jane!


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